Chambo's Black German Shepherds are bred with a great deal of care. Disposition and intelligence are as important as the genetics, colour and physical appearance of the parents. Our dogs have sturdy bodies and straight backs (little angulation). Our German Shepherds have been health checked, and x-rayed for displacia before they are bred.

All Chambo's German Shepherd puppies are being sold as household pets unless other arrangements have been made between the buyer and seller

The pups hips and elbows are warranted against Hip Dysplacia to 24 months of age. Hip Displacia is a term that is used for all problems with the hips. It can be caused by genetics, diet and injury. If it was caused by genetics only, it would have been bred out of the dogs by now. All reputable breeders make sure the parents don't have hip or elbow problems. If you suspect that your dog has any problems take him to your veterinarian to be x-rayed. A copy of the x-ray must be sent to us before the dog will be replaced. We will be forwarding it on to the Guelph Veterinary Hospital for their opinion. Their opinion will be used to decide whether the problem is genetic and covered under the warranty. The x-ray will be returned to you. All expenses will be paid by you.

The breeder warrants the puppies are in good health when they leave us. They have had a health check-up, first needles and been microchipped. If for any reason, there is a health problem with your pup, we will require transcripts from your veterinarian as to the diagnosis of the problem and what medications were given to the animal including flea and heartworm medication. Under no condition is the seller liable for any veterinarian bills required for treatment.

We cannot warrant temperament of our puppies. Temperament is based on environment as much as it is on genetics. It is important that the puppy be exposed to as much stimulation as possible at as early an age as possible. It needs to be exposed to firm disipline with a lot of loving. If you have not had a German Shepherd before, please read articles regarding the breed. Obedience lessons at a young age are recommended.

We cannot warranty size, colour, or type of hair that your dog will end up with. A puppy at 8 weeks old sometimes changes his physical appearance and colouring as he get older. Usually his ears start coming up before he leaves here at 8 weeks. If they aren't up by 3 months, please contact me. (So far it has never happened.)

If the dog is to be replaced, it must be returned to us at the owner's expense. Under no circumstances will the dog remain with the owner. At the breeder's discretion, either a replacement puppy or the purchase price of the original puppy will be given to the owner

Chambo's German Shepherds are located in Peterborough, Ontario,    phone (705)745-0110

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