You will need a high speed computer and Windows Media Player to see these videos. It is a free download, just click the link.

Toilet training video, of our black German Shepherd puppies being taught the command "Go pee pee" In this video, they are 18 days old

As soon as the puppies begin to walk, we keep a clean blanket at one end of the bassinette and paper at the other. Very soon, they will go to the paper end to go to the bathroom. I re-enforce it by waking the puppies up, standing at the paper end, call them and of course they have to go to the bathroom as soon as they wake up. Using the command "go pee pee" over and over, the pup should learn to go to the bathroom on command

Video of our black German Shepherd puppies sleeping with their toys. Puppies are 20 days old.

Toys are put in with the pups while they are sleeping to pick up the scent of the litter. Each pup takes a toy with them to their new home. It helps a little with the homesickness they feel when they leave their siblings. Some of the dogs that have left here, still have their original stuffed animal.

Video to see the pups on their first trip out of the bassinett. They are 22 days old. On the first day, they cry because they want back into the bassinet. After that, they will cry every time they see you, wanting to get out.

Video of German Shepherd puppies eating, the puppies are 24 days old. They are being fed lean hamburg and rice, which have been boiled together, put through a blender. Egg, milk and vitamins are added. The puppies teeth are just starting to come through. On the first day, the pups are fed individually because they have to be taught how to lap up the liquid. On the second day, I was able to feed them two at a time. This video is taken on the third day. A few need a little help but not much.

Video of black German Shepherd puppies first trip outside. Puppies are 28 days old. Comparing how they walk today as compared to 10 days ago is remarkable.

Video of black GSD puppies playing. these Black German Shepherd puppies are 29 days old. This is their second day outside. No crying today. Just playtime.