CHAMBO Adult German Shepherds

The pictures below are of Chambo Adult Dogs. Please check out the photo gallery for pictures for puppies that were born at Chambo's German Shepherd Kennel and now have homes elsewhere.

Chambo's Abby is a solid Black Female German Shepherd born on Aug 25, 2006. Her home is with Peter and Dianne. Her mother was Coaltown Susy Q (solid black) from Chambo's German Shepherds and her sire was Bryson Von Trescar (black-tan) from Goodheart Kennels. Dianne has sent me pictures every year since 2006. Click here for pictures of Abby

Chambo's Black German Shepherds are located in Peterborough, Ontario, phone (705)775-0111

The pictures below are of black German Shepherds that are members of our family. Please click the pictures for enlargements