black German Shepherds
Four Black German Shepherd dogs
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Chambo (in memory of)

picture of black female German shepherd

Liftlock B&B/Chambo's German Shepherds

solid black German Shepherds

Liftlock's Coal

long hair black German shepherd stud

Doreen & Coal

long hair black German shepherd stud

Emilee & Puppies

long hair black German shepherd stud

Coal taking Emilee for walk

long hair black German shepherd stud


The pictures below were taken of previous black German Shepherd puppies before they left us. Others were taken by new owners.

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Obedience Lesson 1 STAY Obedience Lesson 2 STAY Obedience Lesson 3 STAY Obedience Lesson 4 STAY
Lucky GSD bitch Chambo's German Shepherds Shiraz age 1 yr black GSD Liftlock B&B German Shepherds Black GSD puppies for sale
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GSD puppies for sale German Shepherd puppies and toys for sale black GSD puppies Female German Shepherd puppy Feeding German Shepherd puppies
Black GSD puppy short haired GSD long haired black German Shepherd German Shepherd CDX puppies for sale
black GSD puppy for sale Sheba is 2.5 yrs old.  She has the sweetest temperament and definitely baby of family. Thank you for another perfect GSD. Debby F. Kol is now 4 yrs old. She is the joy of our lives. She is the smartest and most loving GSD ever.  Thank you for breeding such a beautiful black German Shepherd. Debbie F male GSD Pack of German Shepherds
short haired German Shepherd dog GSD are easily trained. GSD are easily trained. PADOC Obedience Club Obedience Title


Chambo my first solid black GSD.  She was special and will always be missed Kuchma was one of the first long haired GSD to be born to Chambo.  He was well loved and sadly missed Dear Doreen: We got Jack (Ace Knight's Chambo - DeBrut's Coaltown) My friend got Kuchma from you at the same time and they were best of buddies.  He was an excellent dog full of energy and very smart, he brought alot of joy into our lives.  Sadly, we said our goodbyes on Oct 29th, 2009 we miss him very much.

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Chambos German Shepherds is located in Peterborough Ontario

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