The next litter of pups will be born in May, ready for their new homes in July, 2015

CHAMBO'S BLACK GERMAN SHEPHERDS are raised for their temperament and intelligence. Doreen Davies owner of Chambo's German Shepherds has had German Shepherds for over 30 years and has done extensive obience training with them.

Breeding German Shepherd puppies is not her livelihood, it is her passion. Each pup is given individual attention in order to access their personality. Before the pups go to their new home, they are paper trained and crate trained.. They will also have been taught bite inhibition, to come when called, and how to go up and down the stairs.

All Chambo German Shepherd puppies are black, CKC registered, microchipped, health checked and have had their first needles before they leave. New owners are given a crash course on obedience training with on going help if needed.

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The next litter of pups will be born approx May 9, ready for their new homes approx July 9, 2015. The price of the puppies is $1800 plus HST. A $300 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your pup. The deposit will only be returned if we are not able to supply you with a pup of the sex you desire.

THERE IS NO WARRANTY ON HAIR AS TO LENGTH OR COLOUR. Both Sara and Behren are solid black. The puppies are born black with the occasional puppy having a small white spot. As the dog gets older, beige or brown hairs will sometimes show up on back of legs or under anus. Regarding length of hair, we can usually tell at six weeks whether the dog will have short or long hair. Hair is genetic and nothing that we have control over, therefore there can not be a warranty

Pups are chosen in the order that we receive the deposits. Puppies will be chosen at the age of six weeks old and go to their new homes at eight weeks unless other arrangements are made.

The parents of this litter is Sara and Behren. From this litter five puppies have been sold.

Click here for pictures of Behren Vom Schwarze-Hunde (AKC)(CKC)>,    Behren's Pedigree

Click here for pictures of Chambo's Sara (CKC),    Sara's Pedigree

Chambo's German Shepherds is located in Peterborough Ontario. With an appointment, you are welcome to see our dogs and how they are raised.

If you are interested in one of our puppies please e-mail or phone Doreen (705)775-0111 and see if you qualify.

Chambo's Black German Shepherds, Peterborough, Ontario